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In today’s modern world, technological advancements have led to most modern and efficient ways of Transportation across the world, yet Surface Transportation, still is ubiquitous mode for both passengers and cargo movements across the globe. While every country is investing building the infrastructure for surface transportation, inland and state/national borders, there is an imperative need for handling the copious traffic through put.

HCL helps the Nations and companies in the Transportation and logistics industries leverage technology to comprehensively, innovatively and cost-effectively address their most pressing business needs. Our comprehensive set of offering for Trade Facilitation, HCL Vea is a robust, scalable and secured technology solution designed to streamline procedures and controls governing the movement of goods across the borders.

HCL VEA – Roads & Highways Services Portfolio


HCL Vea Value Differentiators
  • Enables faster and extremely convenient clearance time at the borders
  • Leads to seamless processing of vehicle information even before it reaches Borders
  • Increases revenue collection
  • Improves efficiency of the multiple government bodies eg .Transport, Taxation and Customs Departments with common ICT solution which can be used for their respective functional benefits
  • Increases decision making efficiency based on real time data
  • Significantly reduces revenue leakages across borders
  • Eradicates redundancies in standard operating process
  • Ensures Road Safety compliances
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