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HCL is the pioneer in the HPC segment in India. HCL has been providing various HPC Cluster Solutions for more than a decade.With a deep experience in HPC domain, HCL has strengths to provide services on various applications like Meteorology, Mathematical Modeling, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-informatics and CFD Applications. HCL has executed Large HPC projects like CSIR CMMACS now known as CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute, Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) etc.

HCL HPC Services Portfolio


HCL – HPC Value Differentiators
  • Strong Experience: HCL has been in the HPC space in India since 1994
  • HCL Capabilities: HCL has built more than 600TF of compute nodes with HVAC and the clock in ‘on’ every Month
  • Best in ClassTools & Technology: HCL has developed and deployed its own Cluster suite (Bewolf) in 1996
  • Big Ticket Experience: First large scale HPC setup in India in MoEs institutes of IMD, NCMRWF, INCOIS and IITM was done by HCL (totaling 130 TF), current weather prediction in India comes from this setup
  • Anywhere Support: HCL can offer services in both Commercial OS/ Applications and on Open Source
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