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At HCL, we are committed to helping governments transform public governance services into true government and citizen partnerships. With more than three decades of experience across a number of complex governance projects, our specialists are able to conceptualize, develop and deliver the best-in-class solutions that enables government to deliver superior services with greater efficiency, responsiveness and transparency.

We believe that through our project management skill and extensive technology capabilities, HCL will be able to steer critical, economic advancement driven IT projects that have been undertaken.

HCL Smart Government Services Offerings Portfolio
  • Citizen Centric Solutions: HCL's suite of citizen centric solution is architected to deliver the services from Citizen's point of view, enable Government to Citizen (G2C) connect, and Improve Transparency & Productivity in the functioning of Government departments.
  • eOffice: HCL eOffice is  a highly parameterized, user-friendly web based total office automation solution  that enables an efficient, transparent, accountable and collaborative working of office for all the office employees, partners, vendors and  other industry associations.
  • eProcurement: Our enterprise application practice  transforms tendering processes within the public sector  from the traditional manual process to the online process. Online systems for material procurement apart from providing greater transparency  enable vendors across geographies to participate in the  process thus making the process more fair and competitive.
  • E-Governance Advisory Services: HCL’s Consulting practice helps you define e-governance vision, mission and strategies. We develop blueprints, roadmaps and architecture to achieve e-governance.
  • Infrastructure Services & Solutions: HCL’s  technology infrastructure and system integration practice helps national, state and local governments in systems design, systems integration, infrastructure consolidation, infrastructure support and project management. This includes software, hardware and legacy systems integration across platforms.
  • HCL Smart Government Services Value Differentiators

    HCL Smart Government Services Value Differentiators
    • Domain Expertise: We have over thirty  years  experience in developing comprehensive solutions across  governments and public-sector entities. Our reliable, flexible and performance driven solutions are based on industry best practices and have helped governments globally to offer anytime, anywhere services to their citizens, improve delivery efficiency, save costs, reduce wastage and expand their revenue base
    • Ready-to-Use Asset: Our ready-to-use assets and frameworks ensure that our solutions yield customer benefits such as reduced total cost of ownerships, accelerated implementation cycles, achieve greater co-ordination amongst various departments
    • Legacy of innovation: We have several IPs and solution accelerators in line with industry trends that provide time-to-market advantages for our customers
    • Unique business models: Our best-in class business models such as transaction-based services, delivery models (for multiservice delivery), remote infrastructure management (RIM), enterprise transformation services, and integrated public services (where we provide enabling technologies to integrate systems at an infrastructural level), we have made a difference in the way government organizations are operating, helping them leverage new technology to provide better services to their customers.
    • Sound understanding of regulatory, compliance and security issues in Government

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